A selection of photographs showing views in & around Witton Gilbert, over the comming years as more older photos come to this site it would be nice if we could have a present day photo for a comparison, we will do our best. All archive photographs date from c1900 to present day. Click on an image to see a larger view. Some of the photos are copys of copys so the images might not be to good, but anything is better than nothing. If you have or know anyone that has any photos of the village or events that have taken place in Witton, I would love to copy them, it only takes 5mins to do so and no harm comes to the photo its self, or if you know the names of the people on the photo and they have not been mentioned please e-mail me with the information and I'll add it. Photos do not have to be 100 years old, any photos of events that have taken place will be excepted.

Here are 4 images of Beaurepaire from www.collectbritain.co.uk website "Just click on a line"
Beaurepaire in 1778, Water Colour by J.Bulman. Shows the house when much of its ruins still stood to roof height.
The ruins of the Prior of Durham's manor house of Beaurepaire by Samuel Grimm.
Grimm's drawing of the lost gatehouse at Beaurepaire.
The site of the chapel at the prior's country retreat of Beaurepaire.
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Witton Gilbert

This is Old Langley Hall, my Grandfarther Andrew Hardy 1919-1995 is on the hourse, he would be about 5yrs old here, photo date c1924

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