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How to keep the village up 'n' running.

Below is a list of contact details for you. Please be patient as I will put more contact phone numbers and links when I get them.

Benefit fraud....
CLICK HERE Benefit fraud
If you would prefer to report suspected benefit fraud by phone, please call 0800 854 440 between 7.00am and 11.00pm, seven days a week.

How to report a fault, When you see a problem, take note of what it is and where it is, if it is a street light, please try and quote the number printed on the lighting column.

Roads and pavements.
Street lights.
Blocked road drains.

Please phone 0191 370 6000


CLICK HERE Street Lighting Fault


CLICK HERE Highways/Road Fault

Abandoned Cars - Reporting
The Council removes abandoned vehicles upon Police request and traces the last owner who will be held responsible for disposal. The Council also investigates reports of abandoned cars received from the public.
Tel: 0191 301 8696

Applications for Council Housing
Tel: 0191 301 8470/ 8568

Dog Fouling to report CLICK HERE
or contact Bob Coats on 0191 301 8696.
To e-mail direct click here

Domestic Refuse Collection Services
Anything to do with household waste collection, e.g. extra waste to be collected, bin missed, information about bin day changes and service delays, complaints, etc
Tel: 0191 301 8669

Dumped Rubbish
The Environment Division remove and correctly dispose of illegally dumped rubbish. If you have any details concerning an observed fly tipping incident please contact the hotline. The City Council will attempt to prosecute for all cases in which a witness is willing to testify.
Tel: 0191 301 8669

Noise Nuisance
Tel: 0191 301 8793 / 8799

Nuisance from Neighbours
Tel: 0191 301 8470/ 8568

Q & A
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