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The village of Witton Gilbert occupies a pleasant situation in the Browney Valley on the road from Durham to Lanchester (A691), about 3.5 miles north-west from the former, and 4.5 miles south-east of the latter. On the north it is bounded by an amphitheater of rising ground, and on the south overlooks the valley of the river Browney, which flows in an easterly direction. To the north of Witton Gilbert is Sacriston & to the west is Langley Park. Witton Gilbert is much older than the two of these, Sacriston pit was Opened in 1839 & closed Closed 15 Nov 1985, Langley Park pit was Opened in 1873 & Closed 31 Oct 1975, all though the pits were opened in 1839 & 1873 housing was not built straight away to accommodate the work force and their families, so most families originate from Witton Gilbert and the surrounding areas, however alot of the work force also came from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Cornwall as a lot of the tin mines were by now almost exhausted, housing appeared in Langley Park about 1880/90 and Sacriston about 1850/60.

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